Wednesday, June 13, 2007

teh first post to my blog

Firstly some info about myself and creation of this blog: I had some difficult project related to my volumetrics software, and quite severely broke down. At first it was quite good - i feelt unification with all living things on the planet. Undestood Everything At Once. Travelled from one world to other in comfort of my house. Also on less bright side, died thousands painful deaths, in dream. I didn't take any drugs or "energy drinks", mind you. Not even caffeine. Now i'm mostly recovered and working again.

There's some observation of factors which might have caused this:
1: listening to music while coding, coding in sort of trance. 2: sleeping less did make it easier for me to concentrate on work, so i sleept around 6 hours. 3: working alone, me and my computer and my internet connection. 4: i practiced turns for dancing, and possibly got something in my head damaged, i recall i got headaches from it. 5: sudden termination of project. While i were working, it was allright coz i were too busy to get crazy :-) .

Speaking of headaches, i recall i got headaches in childhood for first time when i was 8..10 years old and some guy did demonstrate some self defence trick on me, smashing my head hard into ground. I didn't pass out but had so bad headache afterwards that it made me wish to die. And next day he did it again (we were supposed to play football)). Hmmm. I had idea to do CT scan of my head, but psychiatr talked me out of this idea.

Current passtime: studying math over again. Writing to blog.

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