Wednesday, October 3, 2007


A day ago i seen space shuttle takeoff in a dream. That was quite a sight. This morning i had lucid dream and did fly around something resembling my city, that was a lot of fun. It was tad different from real city though.
Dreams always fascinated me... quite accurate virtual reality produced by brain itself, for unknown purproses. Some dreams are like movies, sort of like watching the plot unfold, in some you feel "being there", and some are lucid (where you realize it is a dream and have some control). Then there is false awakenings, when you dream that you wake up.
One thing i want to do if i ever get a computer in lucid dream is try to see if i can program it to do something interesting. I had dreams with computer and internet, doing usual stuff like checking email or messaging, or even looking up something in google, but never programmed a computer in dream (or played computer game).

In other dream unrelated news, i have a paid job now, programming some graphics tools. No images there, sorry, the work is covered by NDA.

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